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HERBI VOHR™ is an artisan food company specializing in flavorsome vegan cuisine. From vegan spare ribs to vegan pastrami – HERBI VOHR™ has it all!!


  • HERBI VŌHR prime or braai steak
  • Sliced tomato
  • Button mushrooms
  • Diced bell pepper
  • Diced red onion
  • Vegan marinade
  • Thin Kebab sticks


Defrost your steak overnight to ensure it is fully defrosted. Slice into cubes. Add your steak cubes and vegetable cubes onto a kebab stick alternating between all the ingredients. Baste with your favourite vegan marinade and put on the braai to cook and to get nice and charred and to get a nice smoky braai taste. Make sure to cook well but watch that the kebabs don’t burn – turn the kebabs often to cook evenly.

*make sure to soak your kebab sticks overnight or in boiling water 1 hour before use – this will ensure they do not catch alight or burn on the braai.

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